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    Zimbabwe Election Support Network
    March 26, 2008

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    This production captures the geography, livelihoods and voting patterns of people in the 210 constituencies. The Delimitation Report as written by the Zimbabwe Election Commission (ZEC) is a technical document. The purpose of this publication is to simplify it and describe the places that are found in a constituency. Zimbabwe is divided into 10 provinces, 210 House of Assembly constituencies and 1958 wards. The report seeks to help stakeholders understand Zimbabwe's electoral terrain. The 210 constituencies are described to allow the readers to have a greater understanding and appreciation of these constituencies. The book will enable voters to locate their wards and constituencies, and enable them to exercise their democratic right to vote.

    The publication is made necessary, by recent changes that have been introduced by the 18th Constitutional Amendment that increased the number of constituencies from 120 to 210 in the 2008 harmonised election. The book enables the reader to take a tour of the 210 constituencies in Zimbabwe.

    It is our hope that you will find this work informative and that it will assist you to locate your correct wards to enable you to cast your vote on 29 March 2008.

    Your vote, your voice!

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