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Resolutions from Guruve South rural outreach programme
Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition
November 01, 2007

The Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition (Crisis Coalition) held a rural outreach programme in Guruve South on the 31st of October 2007 giving an overview of the governance crisis in Zimbabwe and perspectives on the 2008 elections with close reference to the SADC initiative.

The meeting attracted an audience of two hundred people (200) including five village heads. Mr. P. Ruhanya of the Crisis Coalition and Mr. Mandiwanzira of the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) made presentations on the topics.

The following resolutions were made;

  • No to elections without a new constitution.
  • Development programmes should be isolated from politics as those supporting the opposition are usually denied loans, food and agricultural inputs.
  • The ruling ZANU-PF party should be confronted through holding joint meetings with the opposition.
  • People should be allowed to vote using their national identification cards instead of referring to the voters roll.
  • There should be independent electoral officers.
  • People of foreign origin should be allowed to vote as they are citizens of Zimbabwe.
  • Delimitation of boundaries should be done by an independent body.
  • Village heads should not be used for partisan political programmes.
  • People should be engaged in intensive voter education.
  • Election officers should not be politically biased to avoid cases of intimidation.
  • Need for independent media structures and the reinstatement of Daily News and The Tribune.

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