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    Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition
    October 11, 2005

    President Robert Mugabe declared the 26th of November as the date for senate elections, following the bulldozing of the 17th constitutional amendment through the parliament in August 2005.

    Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition does not agree with both of the constitutional amendment number 17 and its dictates, which include the senate, restriction of people’s movement and the nationalisation of all land. We view the government’s action as a piecemeal solution to the crisis in Zimbabwe.

    Crisis Coalition maintains that, in view of the political and socio-economic state of Zimbabwe, the country needs a new people written constitution, which will be followed by free and fair and internationally monitored elections.

    The introduction of the senate at this point in Zimbabwe’s history does not make socio-economic sense. After independence, Zimbabwe had a senate and it was dismantled because it was regarded as excess. Zimbabwe’s economy needs a leaner but progressive government. Therefore, the 2005 senate issue is a threat to economic turn-around programmes, especially relief aid to the poor and disadvantaged.

    It is our strong view that the senate issue is being introduced more as a Zanu PF party succession issue than a national people’s demand. The senate means employment and retirement packages for former Zanu PF MPs who lost seats in the recently held 2005 March Parliamentary Election, and the old guard that has been sidelined since 1980.

    Thirdly, the state of Zimbabwean politics does not warrant the introduction of an upper house. The Zimbabwean political field is heavily polarised with people making decisions more on party lines than objectivity and nobility of ideas. Therefore, to entrench such a system of governance is parallel to one of the Coalitions key objectives- to encourage people to participate in policy formulation and implementation.

    In conclusion, the Coalition calls upon all political parties to be people oriented first, thus serve Zimbabwe first before appeasing egos or political entities. It is our observation that the people of Zimbabwe are plunged intensely in poverty.

    A very reasonable and responsible government will not merely promise, but deliver food, medicine and water to the millions of vulnerable people.

    Issued by:

    Dr Elizabeth Marunda
    Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition Spokesperson

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