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Zim elections 'impeccable' - ANC observer
Basildon Peta, The Weekend Argus (SA)
May 14, 2005

Zimbabwe's elections were so "impeccable" that South Africa must seriously consider learning how to run elections from her northern neighbour, ANC Member of Parliament Nthabiseng Khunou said on Friday.

Khunou, who was part of the SA parliament's observer group to the disputed elections, told a stunned audience at the SA Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA) this week that she and her ANC delegation were so impressed that they urge South Africa to adopt some of Zimbabwe's electoral rules.

This sparked a heated discussion at the election review meeting and two ANC participants accused Khunou of "disgracing" the ruling party. But a defiant Khunou said there had been no political violence or repression in Zimbabwe and the election was peaceful.

"There are so many negative things written about Zimbabwe but when we went there we could not get any evidence to support them.

"There was no verifiable evidence to justify food discrimination claims against MDC (opposition) supporters," said Khunou.

She said the laws used to shut down five newspapers and force the opposition to get police permission to hold political meetings had been properly implemented to "enforce law and order".

SAIIA researcher Ross Herbert told Khunou it was unacceptable "to make preposterous statements that are contrary to reality".

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