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Zimbabwe Mock Election, March 29th 2005
Zimbabwe Mock Election South Africa Co-ordinating Committee
March 26, 2005

Zimbabweans living in South Africa will participate in a mock election to protest against the disenfranchisement of their right to be part of the official voting system in the country through governmentís refusal to allow postal ballot voting for the majority of Zimbabweans outside the country. The mock election, which is not part of the official electoral process currently happening in Zimbabwe, will be held at the Zimbabwe embassy in Pretoria on the 29th of March 2005. The theme will be "THE ZIMBABWE TOASTED VOTE!"

Why a mock election
The mock election will be conducted to send signals to the Zimbabwean government that Zimbabweans in the Diaspora also need to contribute in the political decision making process of their country by participating in the election of representatives to the national government structures. It will also send signals to SADC and the rest of the world on the need and possibility for Zimbabweans all over the world to participate in all national elections from their present countries of residence. This will also set a foundation for Zimbabweans in the Diaspora to intensify the campaign for a postal ballot vote.

The mock election
The Zimbabwe Civic Society in South Africa will be conducting awareness and campaign activities so that the majority of Zimbabweans in South Africa may have information and access to the planned mock election. There will be a provision for SMS voting via cellphones. The process is to indicate peopleís willingness to participate in postal voting as well as their support for the process of lobbying for that. Those willing to participate by sms voting will be writing messages with the name of their chosen party, i.e. write zanu pf or mdc or other or independents. Non Zimbabweans in solidarity with this cause are encouraged to write solidarity. The sms should be sent to number 34383 for all South African cellular networks.

All Zimbabweans to participate
All Zimbabweans in South Africa and those non-Zimbabweans sympathetic to this cause are encouraged to actively participate in the organization, coordination and implementation of this planned mock election. The election is crucial towards the success of advocacy and campaign for good governance in Zimbabwe. We have a liability to contribute to the restoration of democracy, dignity, human rights respect, political and socio-economic reconstruction of that beloved country.


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