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ZANU PF supporters on warpath in Bulawayo
Zimbabwe Peace Project
March 23, 2005

Political intolerance has flared up in Bulawayo province following reports that a group of female Zanu PF supporters this morning launched a terror campaign against the MDC ahead of a possible visit by the President tomorrow.

The women, who are said to be garbed in the ruling party campaign t-shirts chose to begin their anti-MDC campaign in Cowdry Park residential area, where it is alleged they destroyed MDC posters in their wake.

According to reports, the head of state is expected to visit Bulawayo tomorrow, where he is expected to address two star rallies.

The women, it is said, are tearing down and burning the posters to ‘clean’ the area in a bid to convince the ruling party’s top leadership that the constituency is wholly pro-Zanu PF.

In Bulawayo South, it is alleged that Charles Mpofu, a parliamentary aspirant contesting as an independent in the constituency was spotted tearing down MDC posters in Nketa surburb.

Mpofu, now an independent, is a former Zanu PF and MDC supporter. The outgoing MP for Bulawayo South David Coltart confirmed the reports claiming Mpofu was in fact "…caught in the act of pulling down my campaign posters."

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