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ZANU PF harassing Harare commuters
Zimbabwe Peace Project
March 23, 2005

Zanu PF youths have stepped up efforts to intimidate the general public, particularly commuters in the capital city’s major bus termini.

The ZPP yesterday witnessed an incident involving Zanu PF youths at the Croughborough bus terminus along Chinhoyi Street at sunset.

Three youths sporting the ruling party’s campaign apparel were observed ordering commuters standing in a queue to either accept white makeshift Zanu PF cards written ‘Pamberi ne Zanu PF’ (Forward with Zanu PF) or risk not going home aboard Croughborough-bound buses.

The youths, who were evidently drunk claimed they were ‘untouchable’ as they were ‘children’ of the ruling party. Two women intending to board a bus were forced to chant Zanu PF slogans.

After failing, they were pulled out of the queue for ‘lessons’. Two police details also witnessed the act, but simply walked away.

In an interview, JM, a vendor at the bus terminus said it had become a ‘norm’ for commuters to be subjected to such unlawful acts by the same youths who he claimed were being dropped every morning by a truck belonging to Zanu PF.

The ZRP complaints department professed ignorance of the matter. A Sergeant Mugovera, in a brief interview today said the ZRP preferred such matters to be dealt with in writing.

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