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Kasukuwere threatens MDC supporters
Zimbabwe Peace Project
March 22, 2005

Outgoing MP for Mt Darwin South, Saviour Kasukuwere is allegedly threatening opposition MDC supporters with death, after it emerged that the opposition was gaining ground in the constituency traditionally viewed as a Zanu PF stronghold.

Information reaching ZPP indicates that political violence is on the increase in the constituency, with numerous incidents of assault, mainly perpetrated by alleged Zanu PF supporters and destruction of property, having been reported.

The Zanu PF lawmaker, on February 13, allegedly threatened PC, who is the MDC Vice Chairperson for the constituency as well as an election agent, and RM, ward 15 Chairman with death in front of Zanu PF supporters who are said to have been visibly shaken at the MPís utterances.

Kasukuwere, witnesses say, declared at a Zanu PF rally held at Chemumvuri Secondary school that he was considering an array of death methods that he could possibly employ to kill the two, who he accused of catalysing the opposition partyís successful forays into the constituency.

It is further alleged that the MP tasked traditional leaders at the rally to collect names of known and perceived MDC supporters who the MP allegedly declared, would be eliminated after international observers leave the country around the 5th of April.

Two witnesses (names withheld) said they were willing to testify if the matter is brought before the courts, as a police report was said to have been made through the local neighbourhood police.

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