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Spoil ballots, Zvakwana urges voters
Njabulo Ncube, The Financial Gazette (Zimbabwe)
March 17, 2005

SHADOWY protest group, Zvakwana, is urging voters to come out in full force on March 31 . . . to spoil the ballot papers and register disenchantment with the circumstances under which the parliamentary elections will be held.

Zvakwana, which has taken protest to new heights, or depths, depending on where one stands, is behind bold political graffiti and has been accused of defacing bank notes and condom brands to further its cause — the ouster of the ZANU PF government.

"At Zvakwana we believe that spoiling your ballot is the best action on election day. Why? Because there is no question that many things with this election are unacceptable. The opposition party is saying this all the time. The only news we get from them is information about assault, abandoned meetings, intimidation and such like.

"On election day when you spoil your ballot you will be clearly stating that you do not legitimise the sham that all these politicians are calling an election. Spoiling your ballot is active, and it is a valid form of expression when faced with a flawed election. For all those who have been saying we do not support this election in any way - go and spoil your ballot instead of sitting at home on election day. This action is not a rejection of any independent candidate or political party it is a rejection of the process," Zvakwana exhorted in its newsletter, distributed via e-mail.

The esoteric Zvakwana, regarded by government as a rogue pro-Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) regime change proponent, last year caught international attention when it floated two yatchs off the coast of Mauritius, boldly emblazoned Zvakwana (enough), as Southern African Development Com-munity heads of state and government — including President Robert Mugabe — met at Grand Baie to deliberate on regional standards for democratic elections.

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