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NCA scoffs at Mudenge's statement on 2005 elections
National Constitutional Assembly (NCA)
November 04, 2004

THE National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) scoffs at a statement made by Stanislaus Mudenge, the Minister of Foreign Affairs which says that next year’s elections will not be rescheduled to give ample time to implement SADC guidelines and principles on elections.

The NCA finds it very interesting to note that Mudenge says pushing the elections from March 2005 would be illegal! What? Do not be fooled by Mudenge, postponing an election will not make them remaining in power illegally. They are in power illegally.

So that means we are going to have elections under the current constitution? So Zanu PF wants to cling on to power forever capitalising on the flawed constitution and the Electoral Act?

As the NCA we will not allow an election to be held before a fully functioning Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has been put in place.

Zimbabweans must refuse to have an election unless all parties have access to public media.

Colonial laws such the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (A.I.P.P.A.), the Public Order and Security Act (P.O.S.A.), the restrictive provisions of the Citizenship Act and the Broadcasting Services Act should be done before we dream of a free and fair election. The NGO Bill should be struck off as well. Such fascist laws will have no room under a democratic constitutional dispensation; which is what the N.C.A demands now!

It is our right to demand an election – never mind long it shall take – under a conducive environment.

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