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ZINASU condemns violence
Zimbabwe National Students Union
June 10, 2013

Zinasu would like to condemn the acts of violence that where perpetrated against a Zimbabwe Independent journalist, Hebert Moyo by youths belonging to the MDC led by Morgan Tsvangirai late last week as well as reports of violence in the Manicaland primary elections. As the Union our position is that violence has been at the centre of our national challenges and any form of violence must not be condoned if our nation is to develop meaningfully. We further reinforce that the MDC must prove to be different from Zanu-PF not only in words but in deeds, we expect the MDC to live the true meaning of its peace pledge to the people of Zimbabwe.

We understand that the violent acts of the obviously misguided youths may have been spontaneous and without sanction of the top leadership of the party, but still we are waiting to see and hear swift decisive disciplinary action being taken to root out these unruly malcontents who have surely tainted the image of the party which looks forward to forming the next government. Further Zinasu hopes to see various peace building initiatives being taken to the grassroots across Zimbabwe as a way to laying a strong foundation for peace. We also want to warn those in leadership who may be tempted to resorting to the dark art of violence that those who have sought power by riding the back of a tiger oftentimes find themselves in its jaws. While violence may yield temporary and fast political scores it tends to haunt its perpetrators in the long run hence we urge political leaders in the party to embrace the tenants of democracy and transformation that they preach everyday.

It is therefore imperative that the MDC deals with those responsible in a manner that is satisfactory to the public eye and that sets the record clear that violence of any form is not to be tolerated in Zimbabwe.

If this issue is not dealt with in a satisfactory manner, the MDC risks being viewed in the same light as Zanu-PF which is blamed for most of the political violence that takes place in Zimbabwe and for generally advancing a violent political culture.

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