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Students reject call for elections
Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU)
May 20, 2011

The Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU) rejects the call to have national elections this year. The calls being made by ZANU are not reflective of a nation that is intended to go through a democratic transition; rather these are calls by people motivated by individual political gains and Zimbabwe can not be held hostage by the interests of such a minority few .

The history of the previous elections in particular the 2008 elections have left the people of this country widows, homeless, injured, displaced, traumatized and haunted courtesy of a party ironically at the center of this wanton call for elections. To allow Zimbabwe to go for any plebiscite under the same environment is tantamount to surrendering and usurping the sovereignty of a nation. The allegations of deployment of military personnel in the rural areas of Zimbabwe can never indicate a free and fair plebiscite. The recent surge in political violence serves to indicate the horrors set to confront the nation if elections are held under such unreformed circumstances.

Zimbabwe must never be allowed to go through an election of any sort without fully implementing the dictates of the current government of national unity and the adoption of certain reforms. It must be known that the country's security department just like the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Cooperation are public institutions designed to be loyal not to a particularly political grouping 'but to the broad people of Zimbabwe. It is thus against the sincerity and purpose of taking the oath of service and a deliberate violation of the Zimbabwean constitution to participate in acts of torture, maim or kill citizens for making a political choice.

No election deserve to be described free and fair for so long as it has been conducted in an environment filled with legislative hindrances such as POSA, AIPPA or the University Ordinance 30. With the harassment of journalists still rampant, the detention of the CNN personnel as a latest incident informs the Zimbabwean student's decision to reject elections not just this year but any other time without the implementation of key democratic reforms. ZANU was defeated in 2008; it was only the Global Political Agreement that gave them a new lease of political life, and it is thus imperative and logical for such a defeated party to honor the institutions that accommodated them after rejection and a free lesson to ZANU that power is derived from the will of the power who remains its custodians hence no party or system is immune to rejection.

ZINASU shall not be in complicity with such a ploy of human carnage the and, just like the June 27 run-off, the students shall not recognize nor participate in any such plebiscite that is mastered and designed to subvert the will of the people.

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