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Four students arrested at the National University of Science and Technology
Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU) (Mugwadi)
June 04, 2010

Four National University of Science and Technology students were arrested and sent to Bulawayo Central police remand prison yesterday the 3rd of July 2010. The four were arrested during a demonstration against the University's decision to bar students who had not fully paid their tuition fees from sitting for their end of semester examinations. During the heavily participated demonstration the Delta lecture hall was partially burnt down.

Students at the National University of Science and Technology are being levied tuition fees ranging from US$400 to US$800 per semester, this is despite the sad fact that the majority of students reign from families where their parents are poor peasants and civil servants who are earning paltry salaries of US$120 and US$150.It has now became a trend in most institutions of tertiary education the University of Zimbabwe, Great Zimbabwe,University, Midlands State University, polytechnic and teacher's colleges included that students who cannot pay their tuition fees are not allowed to sit for their end of semester examinations, hence making education a preserve for a few elites. These poor students who failing to pay such diabolic tuition fees structures are faced with a grim reality of either to defer studies or dropout completely.

It is unfortunate that under such a grave scenario the ministry of higher and tertiary Education has systematically continued to deny that students are being barred from examination halls, as well as access to their previous examination results. Of late even the Prime Minister Tsvangirai denied this sad reality basing his ignorance on a cadaverous cadetship scheme. We therefore cannot help suspecting that this denial of facts is incorrect and unfair to the intelligence of our leaders. Let it be known that the inclusive government has presided over the highest number of dropouts and deferments and they have used the cadetship scheme to conceal this monumental government failure.

The events at the National University of Science and Technology should however, send a loud and clear message to the Prime Minister and his entire government beroucrates that the cadetship is a moribund modern form of slavery and the students of Zimbabwe have refused to be enslaved. Time has come for our leaders especially the ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education to desist from deceiving the nation and the world that there is a loaning scheme when students are being subjected to traumatic tendencies by college and university authorities.

Meanwhile ZINASU has since conducted lawyers from the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) who have since deployed some personnel in order to fight for the release of the arrested comrades.

ZINASU would however wish to inform this inclusive government that no amount of gangsterism nor harassment shall intimidate us down into submission, the demonstrations which we have since started shall devour the whole nation until we have been granted the riches of our demands. ZINASU has also sought a meeting to discuss this crisis with ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, which is yet to be confirmed.

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