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NACAPEZ descends upon Masvingo Polytechnic
Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU)
May 28, 2010

The high powered delegation of ZINASU led by the President Obert Masaraure descended upon Masvingo Polytechnic where the Principal Nyamukapa was barring students for registering for HEXCO exams for non-payment of this term's fees. The ZINASU delegation instructed the arrogant Nyamukapa to address students pertaining to the issue but kept on refusing which infuriated the students' community.

Nyamukapa and his demons in the form of the security personnel of the institution were beaten severely by the angry students. Normal business ceased early today at this institution of higher learning as a result of the earth-shattering demonstration and the riot police of Mutsekwa and Mohadi ordered student to vacate the college premises. The National Executive Council members who were at the scene addressed the students to quench the mayhem that was now taking place as ZINASU does not believe in violence. NACAPEZ shall not be a failure and the right to education shall be upheld by the illegitimate government by any means necessary.

Joshua Chinyere, Tafadzwa Kutya, Patrick Danga, Faith Chamba, Prosper Tiringindi and Gamuchirai are still missing as the police hunt intensifies. The Legal Affairs Sec Alec Tabe and a student from Masvingo Poly were heavily brutalized by the police details and currently they are seeking medical attention at a clinic which the information department is not privy to disclosing.

Obert Masaraure, Grant Tabvurei, Archfod Mudzengi and Zivanai Muzorodzi are being hunted by members of Masvingo Central Police Station and their stay in the oldest town is not welcomed. Meanwhile 26 students appeared before the Bindura Provincial Magistrates' court; Grant Tabvurei and Joshua Chinyere have been issued warrants of arrest for not attending court as they where in Masvingo addressing a near catastrophe situation.

Nyagura has suspended Joshua Chinyere and Wisdom Mgagara for two years for allegedly tarnishing the image of the institution when they participated in a demonstration at Bindura University on the 14 the of January 2010. The suspensions of these two student leaders inflate the amount of the suspended and expelled students to 46 in a space of a year.

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