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    Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU)
    May 23, 2010

    The extra-ordinary general council meeting was held on the 21st -23rd of May 2010 at the Vashandiri Training Centre in Gweru. The General Council resolved that issues of the 2nd May resolutions adopted amongst other issues as follows:

    Privatization of education

    The house agreed that it shall not be silent on the issue of commercializing education but adopt a rather radical approach. It was agreed that the National Campaign against the Privatization of Education be revived but with a rather radical approach. ZINASU has brokered an alliance with ZIHHISU to ensure that education at any level shall not be commercialized.

    Victimization of students activists

    The National Executive Council should lobby for scholarships partnering with SST for those students who sacrificed for the emancipation of the Zimbabwean student. The government organ of national healing should ensure that the reinstatement of suspended and expelled student is made possible.


    The loan and grant scheme should be revived and the present system be abolished. The house agreed to lobby for the reintroduction of the loan and grant system as a revolving fund and declared the cadetship as a slavery programme by the monumental nonsense called the GNU.


    The Graduate Alive Campaign shall be re-introduced but in a rather vigorous and radical approach as workshops and concerts The NEC was mandated to ensure that they partner with SAYWHAT.

    Organisational constitution

    The house adopted the post of the Deputy Secretary General and the issue of provincial congresses. The constitution was upheld since the fact of both NEC's being elected by bona fide general councilors. The provincial chairperson and secretary shall be ex-officio members of the National Executive Council.

    Constitution making process

    The students' have realized that there is a lot to discuss about the process shelved it for mid-June. The General council noted that neither take-charge nor COPAC is moving in any direction.


    ZINASU is full behind indigenisation but not the Act that was imposed by Kasukuwere. Ordinary Zimbabweans should benefit from the legislation not only the black bourgeoisie.

    Gender equality

    ZINASU supports gender equality and the NEC has been mandated to encourage the female students to contest in the forthcoming provincial elections in about a fortnight.

    Broader alliance

    The partners such as MDC, ZCTU, NCA and the Coalition should respect ZINASU as an autonomous body and an independent one.

    Transitional justice

    The national healing programme should also focus on students and ensure those suspended and expelled students are reinstated.

    Performance of GNU

    ZINASU declared the inclusive government as an illegitimate and despotic government that has managed to bring misery in the students' community. The house resolved that whether we are prepared or not elections should be held as soon as yesterday.

    National economic policy

    The General Council agreed that the fiscus should follow the international guidelines and prioritize social services. Chiadzwa must be nationalized and try to meet the costs of social services.

    The meeting went agreed as planned despite the works of counter-revolutionaries to ensure that the union dose not get any funding and paying General Councilors to cause havoc and mayhem. A press statement shall be issued on the 25th of May 2010 at QUILL Club at 11 am.

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