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No to celebration of tyranny - Iran President Mahmud Ahmadinejad is not welcome in Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU) (Chinyere)
April 20, 2010

Zimbabwe National Students Union castigates in the strongest of terms the invitation of the biggest tyrant in the Middle East, the notorious Iranian Leader, Mahmud Ahmadinejad to open this year's trade fair in Bulawayo. The Union calls upon all progressive students to shun the Zimbabwe Trade Fair starting from the 19th - 24th of April 2010 as a way of showing our displeasure and disgust over the invitation of one of the World's famous human rights violators.

The invite of the dictatorial leader by President Mugabe is an insult to the Zimbabweans at large and other peace loving nations. The invitation clearly shows that ZANU Pf still celebrates tyranny symbolized by the presence of the corrupt Iran Leader in Zimbabwe. The action by Mugabe corrupts the spirit and letter of the Inclusive Government which stresses on national healing and nation building towards a true democracy. Ahmadinejad is known for disrespecting human rights and populist principles that have promoted corruption in Iran, many of his close associates have been appointed to positions without proper qualifications. In June 2009, he led a series of violence during the Presidential election period and rigged the outcome of the elections in his favour. Before the elections, it was discovered that USD1. 058billion was misused in the same manner Mugabe's Gono ran the quasifiscal policies to lure voters to vote for the Zimbabwean Dictator. In 2007, the Iranian leader was critised for fueling religious conflicts after attacking Xianity and Judaism.

ZINASU believes that invitations of dignitaries to national events like the Trade fair should be done in consultation with all the three principals to the Global Political Agreement not on the decree of Mugabe.

Human rights defenders should denounce the invitation and send a clear message to Mugabe that enough is enough the old man should be serious. It is less than two weeks since the departure of the South African spoilt Youth League President Malema who was also in the country on a ZANU Pf ticket to preach about his misguided policies.

Zimbabweans only want peace and stability at the moment and for Mugabe to continue dining and wining with detractors, killers, torturers, is unacceptable. Zimbabweans need clean blood to bless our trade Fair as the country is in the process of trying to attract investors and also heal the nation.

Visit the ZINASU fact sheet

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