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    Student Christian Movement of Zimbabwe (SCMZ)
    February 19, 2010

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    What it takes to lead an ecumenical youth organisation in Zimbabwe

    My name is Innocent Kasiyano. I am currently working as the National Coordinator of the Student Christian Movement of Zimbabwe (SCMZ). My marriage with SCMZ dates back to 2003 when I joined as a member during my first year at the University of Zimbabwe (UZ). In 2005 I was elected the National Secretary General, a position I held for a year and subsequently I became the National Coordinator in 2007.

    Why me?

    As a young person I am so passionate about students rights and the rights of young people. Coming from a background of a society which has been looking down upon young people (as people without seriousness), I had the zeal and passion to fight for young people's rights so that is why I was part of the youth movement and the student movement. But surprisingly my parents like any other parents, wanted me to pursue a white collar profession, where I would have my own spacious office. They never imagined me working in the ecumenical movement. In fact it shocked them to learn that I was actively involved in activism, because I grew up a very reserved person. Even myself there are some sacrifices I have made for other young people's rights which are quite shocking. That is the sole reason I believe that the work I am doing is a calling from God. The passion inherent in me as a young person has moved me to consider myself as the sacrificial lamb. All this is hinged on my strong belief in the word of God which has kept me going for it says that the "Righteous shall never labour in vain." I believe that one day we shall have a Zimbabwe where everyone regardless of age or colour shall enjoy God given rights. I remember when I joined the UZ, educational standards were getting so low, that every student was forced to stand up and defend one's rights. This has resulted in a series of demonstrations, with some culminating in violence.

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