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  • ZINASU takes centre stage on constitution making process
    Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU) (Chinyere)
    January 12, 2010

    Students from various institutions are geared to take centre stage in the drafting of a new people driven constitution. The energetic intellectuals have vowed to fully participate in the mobilizing, gathering, collating of views from the people of Zimbabwe and specifically from students. It cannot be denied that the students cannot miss this lifetime opportunity to ensure that education as a fundamental human right is incorporated in the new constitution.

    The Union is targeting 300 000 students in its 43 member institutions. One hundred students will be trained in the mobilizing and campaigning process in a bid to ensure efficiency of the process. The campaign will be headed by the National Executive Council who will move province by province mobilizing and enlightening students on the need to fully participate in the constitution making process.

    ZINASU also commits to mobilize the voice of students on other issues of national importance for example electoral and Parliamentary systems.

    The Plight of Students at Bindura University of Science Education

    The ZINASU National Executive Council members held a meeting with Student Representative Council (SRC) members from Bindura University of Science Education (BUSE) to ascertain the current state of the education sector at the college as part of the ongoing college tours by the new leadership. The Bindura SRC delegation was headed by the institution's Secretary General, Roderick Machaka. The students decried the unaffordable tuition fees as the biggest challenge with a total of 38% of the students failing to clear arrears from last semester. In 2008, 12% of students dropped out of college due to issues of fees.

    Students are due to start examinations on 14 January 2010 and the fees are ranging from a steep USD460- USD600 per semester. The college authorities have set up stringent conditions that every student should register by paying their tuition fees failure which will result in students being denied access to the examination rooms. About 50% of the students have failed to register to date. If the college authorities are not forced to change their barmy position, half of the total number of students at the college will be affected.

    The ineffective cadetship programme saw 450 students from the college applying for the scheme but none of them have confirmed to have received the funds. There is also an accommodation crisis at the college as 65% of the students are staying off campus in the Chipadze location. The non resident students are paying USD5 as transport fee but the college buses are not ferrying the students to and from college forcing them to flock out more money on transport.

    A serious shortage of water is also emanating in the college halls of residence with students queuing with buckets for water at a borehole thus delaying students to attend lectures. ZINASU will be meeting the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education to immediately address the issues affecting students. These and other challenges will be compiled and presented to the Ministry of Higher Education next month who will be given an ultimatum to resolve these misdemeanors.

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