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Student leader languishes in prison, two weeks on
Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU)
October 10, 2007

ZINASU condemns in the most vehement of terms the continued unlawful detention of Edison Hlatswayo.

We note with dismay the reluctance of the Attorney General's office to act upon Hlatswayo's case, even after ZINASU's communication on Hlatswayo's release.

The student body continues to fuel its undeterred demand for the release of Edison Hlatshwayo. We urge Human Rights Groups to give solidarity to ZINASU by putting pressure on the Zimbabwean government to expedite the unconditional release of Hlatswayo.

Hlatswayo is one of the many Human Rights activists who have been victims of unlawful detentions, arrests and torture. Perpetrators of such injustices always go unpunished, the culture of using detentions as a way of punishing human rights activists is uncalled for.

The judiciary procedure should be left to take its course without undue interference from the police, the ordinary laws of having an accused innocent until proven guilty should save Hlatshwayo from the inhuman treatment that he is currently exposed to.

Visit the ZINASU fact sheet

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