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Police develop cold feet over PTUZ celebrations
Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition
October 05, 2007

The police have developed cold feet over the Progressive Teacher's Union Zimbabwe (PTUZ) celebrations of the World Teacher's Day. The Officer Commanding Bulawayo District, Chief Superintendent Wasara communicated with the PTUZ Secretary General (SG) Raymond Majongwe informing the organizations that they could go ahead with the commemorations as per their plans.

"He (Wasara) called me today and informed me that we can collect a police clearance letter from their offices and proceed with our activities. I think they are under pressure from ILO and Education International. Yesterday, we informed these organizations about the how the police were behaving. I think they called the Ministry of Home Affairs about the situation. So we are going ahead with our commemorations of this noble day for teachers," said Majongwe.

Following the developments, PTUZ had to cancel its urgent High Court application which it filed yesterday protesting the police threats to disrupt the union's commemoration activities which will take place tomorrow at the Bulawayo Polytechnic College.

The PTUZ had vowed that it was going to proceed with its plan with or without the police clearance.

Meanwhile, the student leader, Eddison Hlatshwayo who was arrested on 27 September 2007 is still detained at Masvingo Remand cells. He will appear in court on Monday 8 October 2007, marking 12 days in the sub-humane remand prison.

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