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NCA attacks a strategic political blunder
Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU)
July 30, 2007

Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU) condemns, in the strongest possible terms, the unrelenting and systematic attack on the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) by the desperate and outgoing Mugabe regime. The unfortunate and sad events of Wednesday 25 July 2007 where more than 300 Human Rights Defenders and campaigners for a new constitution were brutally assaulted by the police further confirms the notorious status of Zimbabwe as an outpost of tyranny.

NCA is a legitimate civic formation, whose core and primary objective is to have a new, people driven and democratic constitution in the only country we have, Zimbabwe. It is also their right to assembly and legitimately demand for a new constitution. It is not the hooliganisation and thuggerisation of the Zimbabwean body politic that will save the current regime from imminent spectacular collapse but a holistic and integrated political settlement, which will act as a framework for a new constitutional, economic, social and political order premised on the respect for and protection of human rights.

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