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Students demand unconditional release of fellow student
Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU)
July 03, 2007

We the bonafide students of University of Zimbabwe condemn in strongest terms the continual, unwarrranted, and unlawful detention of Opposition members.

We seriously condemn the deliberate incarceration of our fellow student Solomon Madzore who is registered with the University as a Social Work student Reg. No. R053353F

Students continue to be prime targets of this ruthless regime and Solomon has fallen victim to the state's insatiable appetite to wipe out students from the political arena. Robert Mugabe has always labelled students as state enermies. You need to be reminded of Learnmore Judah Jongwe to realise how serious and determined this regime can be in terminating perceived enemies.

The university community strongly feel that opposition members have suffered enough prejudice at the hands of the state and it is crystal clear that the state has failed beyond any reasonable doubt to prove a prima facie case against these men as witnessed by the failure to to bring sufficient evidence and witnesses among them the unpopular Peter Chindodhana who seem not to exist.

Solomon should have been given the chance to correspond even in remand just like many within the ranks and files of ZANU P.F who were beneficiaries of distance education in a suppressive and oppressive Smith Regime despite carrying terrorism tags. If these octagenarians were allowed a chance to pursue their academic studies then such should be granted to all and sundry in a free and democratic Zimbabwe.

We demand that the University Chancellor Mr. Robert Mugabe, order the release of Solomon and enable him to write exams with other students.

WE demand an unconditional release of Solomon Madzore as we believe that the charges that he is facing are merely trumped up.

We demand an inquiry into cases of torture by the security forces.

We cannot continue to guarantee stability ,tranquility and peace at University of Zimbabwe as long as one of us is suffering, for an INJURY TO ONE IS AN INJURY TO ALL .

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