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2 student leaders abducted, assaulted, left for dead
Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU)
June 27, 2007

Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU) Secretary General, Beloved Chiweshe and Munjodzi Mutandiri, former Students Union President of Chinhoyi University of Technology (CUT) were abducted at 1800 hours yesterday and allegedly tortured by state agents.

The two were discussing the state of nation in regard to the continued astronomical hike of prices and services with other colleagues in a Southerton bound Emergency Taxi (ET) when a suspected state agent diverted the ET to Southerton Police Station where they were identified as wanted individuals. Upon disembarking from the ET, they were hauled into a pick up truck and drove to a place near Irvines Farm Produce along Masvingo road.

Chiweshe and Mutandiri were then thrown into a small sewer discharge river, forced to drink sewer water and allegedly tortured by the police. They were also forced to do 83 press ups 'for President Robert Mugabe's age' and 27 'for Zimbabwe's sovereignty'. Munjodzi collapsed as a result of the gruesome torture he suffered at the hands of the police and state agents.

The police then drove off with Chiweshe and Munjodzi's jackets, shoes, mobile phones and wallets containing cash amounting to Z$3 million alleging that it was Tony Blair's money. The two leaders were left for dead in the river and tried to look for help in neighbouring areas.

They were later found by the ZINASU Programmes Officer, Benjamin Nyandoro after searching for almost two hours. Chiweshe and Munjodzi are currently receiving medical attention.

Riot police beat up students on NUST Campus

Students from the National University of Science and Technology have been severely beaten and smoked with tear gas, after having staged a peaceful protest on campus in demand for a descent and consistent learning environment. Scores of students have been arrested and taken to an unknown police station in two riot police truck loads. NUST Students Union president, Clever Bere's whereabouts are not known. Since the opening of the second semester, students have barely had any lectures. The lecturers have declared an indefinite strike and resolved not to sit students for their examinations which are due in June after having been postponed twice from April to May and now June.

Student at the University of Zimbabwe escapes death by a wisker

Edison Hlatywayo, a student activist and aspiring candidate for the University of Zimbabwe Students Executive Council elections, was severely beaten and thrown out of a window from his halls of residents on campus by unidentified plain clothed State details.

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