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Police threaten student leaders in Bindura
Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU)
May 31, 2007

In a bid to instil fear and suppress students' voices in the Mashonaland Central region, members from the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) yesterday paid a surprise visit to the Bindura University of Science Education (BUSE) campus. The police officers under the leadership of a DISPO demanded to have a briefing with the Students Representative Council (SRC) members. The student leaders were mesmerised when the DISPO (name unknown) produced a list of names of some SRC members and summoned them to the office of the university's Dean of Students, Mr Makado who also attended this so called meeting.

Five SRC members, Laswet Savadye, the SRC President; Chiedza Gadzirai, Vice President; Ronald Tafirenyika, Yvette Mubvumba, Gender Officer and Brezhnev Dengu attended the meeting. The police explained the purpose of their visit as a mission of familiarizing with each other and proceeded to demand fullnames, cellphone numbers and portfolios of the five student leaders.

It is suspected that this was a deliberate effort by the police to instil fear in the student movement such that they will feel uncomfortable to actively participate in student union business.

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