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Missing student leader found safe but still in hiding
Lance Guma, SW Radio Africa
May 22, 2007

The outgoing president of the University of Zimbabwe students union, Tineyi Mukwewa, who was reported missing for several days, has been found safe but still in hiding. Washington Katema a coordinator with the Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU) told Newsreel Mukwewa was detained in a secret part of the university security control room. He says this is why an inspection done by students and defence lawyers failed to locate him. Mukwewa was however released the following day around 1am in the morning and decided to run away and seek refuge somewhere safe. Katema explained how his colleague was not sure what would follow the detention and decided to lay low for a while.

ZINASU say Mukwewa will continue in hiding as are several other student leaders now working underground. Several have been arrested and tortured in a government crackdown aimed at crushing dissent. Last week at least 8 student leaders were suspended while a 9th, Terence Chimhavi, was expelled for allegedly masterminding a demonstration on campus. Katema also says with lecturers on strike and most students not attending classes as a result, the student movement was finding it hard to mobilize any protest. They will however seek legal redress from the courts over the expulsions and suspensions.

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