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(SCMZ) UZ leadership arrested
Student Christian Movement of Zimbabwe (SCMZ)
May 11, 2007

Prosper Munatsi, Student Christian Movement of Zimbabwe (SCMZ) University of Zimbabwe Branch Secretary-General was arrested yesterday night at the University of Zimbabwe (UZ). Prosper was arrested together with another SCMZ member, Munyaradzi Chikorohondo for allegedly participating in a gathering likely to bring a breach of peace under the draconian Public Order and Security Act (POSA).

The duo was brutally assaulted by UZ security agents, one of them positively identified as Munyaradzi Seredzai. Prosper incurred a swollen left arm, extensive bruises on the head and back while Chikorohondo also incurred several bruises. They were initially detained at Avondale Police station were they were subjected to police harassment, torture and denied food and legal representation. They have been transferred to the Harare Central Police Station Law and Order Section which is infamous for its inhumane treatment of activists.

The charges from the two arise from an earlier address on the plight of students given by Prosper to UZ students. Prosper's address centred on the failure of the UZ administration to address the ongoing job action by the academic staff which has left the academic future of thousands of students hanging in an unpalatable balance. The UZ is officially set to close its second semester on 8 June 2007, barely three weeks away when on the ground; only four out of the 10 faculties have been confirmed as sitting for the second semester examinations.

There is uncertainty as to the future of the rest of the students. Coupled to this is the unassailable reality that there are no functioning ablution facilities at the University of Zimbabwe which poses a great risk to resident students. To make matters worse, the meals are poorly prepared and heavily rationed with one kg of meat expected to serve forty students, with no breakfast being offered, vegetables being prepared with no cooking oil. The situation is just pathetic, and for raising these concerns, seeking genuine student consultation, one is arrested for participating in a gathering likely to breach the peace! One then asks which peace are we talking about, whose peace is it?

SCMZ believes in a just and peaceful society where citizens are free to interact at any time and level. It also strongly advocates for active participation of Young Christians in issues affecting their daily lives, particularly contributing in resolving the current crisis bedeviling our country. SCMZ therefore categorically condemns the brutality by both the UZ security and the members of the police force.

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