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Two student leaders arrested
Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU)
March 30, 2007

Two female student leaders were arrested yesterday during the raid at the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) Headquaters, Harvest House. Maureen Kademaunga, who is the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) Student Representative Council Secretary General and ZINASU general councillor and Kudzai Mupazvirihwo, the spokesperson of the UZ student representative council are detained at the notorious Harare Central Police Station. They were set to attend the press conference which was scheduled to be addressed by the President of the MDC, Mr. Morgan Tsvangirai . Tsvangirai was also arrested for the second time this month. He was later released without any charge.

The continued hooliganisation and thuggerisation of the politics in Zimbabwe further exposes Mugabe as an autocratic leader presiding over an authoritarian regime. However, some political science students view the move by the police and the military as a plot to bring down Mugabe and expose their anger and frustration over the despotic leader's continued rule. Mugabe is in Tanzania attending an extra ordinary SADC summit and Zimbabwe is high on the agenda. He is expected to defend the 11 March 2007 barbaric acts by the youth militia and para military police aganist a backdrop of further reign of terror as evidenced by unbrided abductions of opposition activists, state sponsored petrol bombings, raids of opposition and labour unions offices and arrests of innocent civilians.

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