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  • Strikes and Protests 2007- Save Zimbabwe Campaign

  • Statement on state instigated violence against pro-democracy activists
    Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU) & MDC Youth Assembly
    March 23, 2007

    Recent events in our country have been extremely disturbing. The government of ZANU PF continues to perpetrate the degeneration of law and order .This is a deliberate move to create a conducive environment to unleash a reign of terror under the guise of maintaining law and order.

    Mugabe held a prayer meeting with church leaders aligned to his Party and no one stopped him but the regime went out of its way to thwart a similar meeting going to the extent of brutally beating opposition leaders including Morgan Tsvangirai the leader of the opposition and later his Spokesperson, Nelson Chamisa.The beating of innocent civilians is unacceptable.

    We call upon Mugabe and his spent party to uphold the principles of a democratic society accede to the demands of the people and allow people the right to freely gather and deliberate on issues critical to their well being. We call upon the government to desist from preaching the gospel of violence and begin to work towards a framework that will enable dialogue to flow in earnest.

    We are aggrieved by the aloofness of the South African government in the face of such barbaric acts across its border. We challenge Thabo Mbeki to take an active role in the resolution of the Zimbabwean crisis .The world cup is around the corner and South Africa cannot afford to have the world cup in the thick such upheavals in Zimbabwe.

    It is our understanding that the Zimbabwean government has hired mercenaries from Angola to help augment the Government's efforts to thwart the aspirations of the people of Zimbabwe. We wish to warn these invaders that we brook no interference in our internal affairs. We believe in the sanctity of our sovereignty.

    We are hundred percent behind the ZCTU`s proposed strike for review of wages and salaries. We will support all peaceful protests that will ensue. We believe the problems currently bedeviling the students are premised on bad governance, and dictatorship. There is no money to pay lecturers, no textbooks, no lessons, and unaffordable tuition and accommodation fees. The students are starving. Efforts to meet and deliberate on students issue have been met with brute force.

    Such madness can not be tolerated. We urge the youths and the students of Zimbabwe to remain vigilant as the vanguard of democracy. The youths must rise and defend their parents and their country. We must rise now and say enough is enough.

    We must demand elections under a new constitution in 2008.The youth and the students of Zimbabwe are urged to go out and mobilize intensively for the 2008 elections. We must mobilize ourselves, register to vote and stand ready to defend the ballot.

    The ZANU PF government is known for its violent tactics and rigging. We believe we have learnt enough from the preceding elections to be cheated through the same old tactics. Never again will we allow any one to rig the elections again. The people of Zimbabwe must be accorded an opportunity to elect a leader of their choice. It is entirely their democratic right.

    In memory of: Gift Tandare and Itai Manyeruke.

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