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  • Strikes and Protests 2007/8 - Students

  • Together we shall triumph against all odds: Call for unity
    Trevor Murai, Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU)
    March 20, 2007

    The whirlwinds of regime change continue to shake the foundations of Zimbabwe African National Unity - Patriotic Front (ZANU PF) pillars of resistance to an extent whereby unwilling police and army officers are being forced to inflict malicious injuries to innocent opposition leaders against their own conciences. Prior to the Highfields battles and the attack on Nelson Chamisa (former ZINASU Secretary General) the police and army officers particularly those occupying lower ranks were and to an extent are still sympathising immensely and are vital instruments to the agenda of regime change. In the Save our Education, Save our Future campaign detained students have enjoyed gratefully the sympathy of the so called "law enforcement agents". Security details at various institutions of higher learning and police officers country wide are slowly but surely being forced by prevailing economic demise to rise to the majestic occassion of preaching and imbibing the agenda of regime change.

    Police and army officers have now realised that the students struggle is a genuine and candid and is a microcosm of the broader struggle being waged by workers and the masses. Workers and students alike our bodies are heavy with fatigue of twenty seven years travel in an independent nation torwads democracy, good governance and a new peoples constitution. Our lips are dry of screaming, shouting and crying for regime change, good governance and democracy. President Mugabe knows it, the majority of army and police officers are no longer singing the same tune of shifting the blame of economic demise to Blair and Bush, but now conspicuosly point their fingers to him and the other old folks in ZANU PF sinking ship. Thousands of them and even some close collegues of president Mugabe fill betrayed. It is the diabolic manacles of partiusanship, compulsory loyalty and divide and rule that keeps the sinking ship afloat.

    We the students, together with the lecturers, the non academic staff, the teachers, doctors, civil servants and workers in general sing together the solemn note of good governance, economic stability, better wages, good conditions of service in the face of undeclared state of emergency.

    Our call reverbates to everyone to imbibe; students, civil servants and workers in general UNITE, we have nothing to lose but our suffering, we have a far far better Zimbabwe to gain. We challenge to the police, army and security officers at National University of Science and Technology (NUST), University of Zimbabwe (UZ), and all tertiary institutions to hear and adhere to the call of UNITE towards freedom. We are one, a brother can not slay his brother, for how long will a father continue to sjambok his son and shoot his kin. Is this another NAZI state? Our grievances can not resolved through butchering each other. Economic demise will never be redressed through the sjambok. Inflation will never be bashed away with iron bars. Poverty will never be effaced through splashing water from tankers.

    Again and again lets protest against, and refuse to be used as pillars of ZANU PF in the face of its dwindling support base. Annals of history can bear testimony to this: freedom, equality and justice is never given on a silver plater, it is taken, if we together stand firm and defend our nation competently, the ZANU PF regime shall be aliving testimony that a peaople empowered with UNITY shall never be defeated.

    The Save Zimbabwe campaign is not theirs, it is ours me and you, the student and the worker, the unemployed and the employed, the living, dead and the unborn. We qall have to better choice, option or any other alternative serve to collectively. Lets all collectively contribute our sweats, efforts and resources torwards change, it is the right thing to do and change is inevitable. The future does not come by chance but it is moulded by those who participate in political processes torwards change. The Zimbabwe we want is a product of our ingenuity and prowess towards change. Nothing is permanent except change!

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