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    Students Solidarity Trust
    March 13, 2007

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    Riot Police have arrested 5 student leaders at the magistrates courts for singing in solidarity with the battered leaders this afternoon. They include Promise Mkwananzi, ZINASU President and Washington Katema the coordinator of the students body.

    A sombre atmosphere engulfed the Harare Magistrates this afternoon as leaders of the Save Zimbabwe Campaign were being arraigned before the courts.

    Morgan Tsvangirai, the President of the Movement for Democratic showed signs of being brutally beaten, with a swollen face and gushes in the head - his clothes were bloody. Lovemore Madhuku, the NCA chairperson had a plaster and and spotted torn and bloody clothes.

    The other leaders, notably Grace Kwinjeh, Elton Mangoma and Sekai Holland had to be ferried by ambulance as they could hardly stand.

    As Tsvangirai, Madhuku walked out of the court, it dawned on everyone that Mugabe and his Zanu PF regime are a rogue kleptocracy, devoid of any aesthetic appreciation. Immediately, all the people broke into an athem, in solidarity with the leader, badly bruised - they sang Ishe Komborera Africa. It was at this point that riot police dispersed the crowd, and in the process, arrested Promise Mkwananzi, ZINASU President, Washington Katema, ZINASU Coordinator, Tellington Kwashira, a student activist, Emily Mukungwa an Intern at the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition and Rodrick Chiroodza, a driver with the Crisis Coalition as well as Chiedza, a student activist.

    They are still in police custody.

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