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  • Strikes and Protests 2007/8 - Students

  • CIO dumps student leaders in Chachacha
    Students Solidarity Trust
    March 12, 2007

    Unidentified state security agents waylaid two student leaders in Gweru and drove them to Chachacha, a place that is 10km outside Shurugwi in the Midlands.

    SST's Program Officer (Social Safety Net) Simbarashe Moyo retrieved the sullen students from Chachacha where they had been dumped.

    The two student leaders are Makomborero Pfeveni, ZINASU's Secretary for Sports and Samuel Mangoma, the treasurer for ZINASU.

    According to the two student leaders, they were arrested in the city of Gweru after having been trailed by suspected members of the dreaded and notorios Zimbabwe's spy agency, CIO from Mkoba Teachers College in Gweru. The two had been distributing ZINASU fliers which called for the class boycott which ZINASU started this week.

    As they got into to town, the two were then waylaid and asked to produce the fliers they had on them, inscribed struggle is our birthright. Their erstwhile hosts then boldly told them to get into a car, whereupon "we will take you to a place for struggle". They were driven to Chachacha, some 10km outside Shurugwi.

    The two have since been identified and are currently in the company of Simbarashe Moyo in Shurugwi and are still recovering from the guerilla and armbush intimidatory tactics of the Mugabe regime in the face of increasing public disenchantment.

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