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  • SCMZ leadership arrested by armed police at a female capacity building workshop in Harare
    Student Christian Movement of Zimbabwe (SCMZ)
    March 11, 2007

    Student Christian Movement of Zimbabwe (SCMZ) leadership was arrested yesterday morning by armed members of the riot police during their female capacity building workshop at the YWCA hostels in Westwood, Harare.

    The workshop started on Friday the 9th and ended in haste on Sunday the 11th of March as participants could not stand the heavy police presence, with almost half the participants subjected to interrogation at the venue. Those who were arrested are the National Chairperson Prince Sinamane, the National Coordinator Innocent Kasiyano, Gender Secretary for the University of Zimbabwe branch Pretty Mupfurutsa, Chairperson of Kadoma branch Zondai Phiri and Harare regional Chaiperson Tafadzwa Mukandi.

    In a separate incident the National Vice Chairperson Lawrence Mashungu was also arrested with other comrades during the process of the Save Zimbabwe Campaign rally in Highfields. The five were detained at Warren park police station and Mashungu is detained at Southerton Police Station. The five were arrested on allegations of violating the draconian Public Order and Security Act (POSA), by not notifying the police about the workshop while Mashungu was arrested on allegations of violating the unconstitutional police ban of political rallies in Harare. The police alleged that the YWCA meeting was linked to the Save Zimbabwe Campaign rally which was scheduled at Zimbabwe grounds in High fields Harare on the day of the arrests.

    SCMZ registers its serious disappointment over the conduct of the Zimbabwe Republic Police. SCMZ is a faith based welfare organization whose meetings cannot be covered under POSA. It out rightly condemns the barbaric act by the Sate Security agencies. Once again SCMZ would want to remind and unequivocally sate that the duty of the police is to protect citizens and not to harass and interfere in citizen constitutionally enshrined and God given freedoms of association and assembly. A female capacity building workshop is not in any way a threat to public order. The workshop was meant to enhance female members' participation in civic activities including the Save Zimbabwe Campaign.

    SCMZ believes in a just and peaceful society where citizens are free to interact at any time and level. It also strongly advocates for active participation of Young Christians in issues of Democracy and good governance, particularly towards the resolution of the current crisis bedeviling our country. In this regard SCMZ categorically sates that it's a member of the Save Zimbabwe Campaign initiative and shall continue supporting and working with any progressive forces for positive change. SCMZ in clear and no uncertain terms also supports the move to defy the unwarranted ban of political rallies in Harare.

    However, in any noble struggle, you can not avoid pain but abandoning the struggle is miserable, let''s avoid misery. SCMZ calls upon non state actors to demand the repeal of oppressive and evil laws like POSA which has resulted in severe curtailment of free expression and enjoyment of God Given rights.

    Visit the SCMZ fact sheet

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