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  • Strikes and Protests 2007/8 - Students

  • Update on the class boycott and the missing student
    Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU)
    March 08, 2007

    Riot police force-march students to classes
    There was mayhem and pandemonium at Bond shopping centre in Mount Pleasant, close to the University of Zimbabwe when the riot police descended, brutally beating all students who were milling around the complex, forcing them to go back to classes. About fifty students were beaten and some seriously by the police.Students however did not go back to classes insisting that it is their right to take action against an errant and irresponsible government. No arrests were recorded.

    The students in Zimbabwe embarked on a nation-wide class boycotts over the ever deteriorating education standards coupled with high cost of living due to gross mismanagement of the economic, a situation has fuelled the inflation to unprecedented levels for a country not at war. The inflation is currently pegged at 1 600% per year.

    In other regions, the class boycotts are continuing and in terms of impact assesement, the government has responded in today's state owned newspaper, The Herald . The heavy presence of armed police details at major Universities and Colleges bear testimony to the glaring success the class boycott has had so far. The despotic regime is in trouble.

    Update on the missing student leader
    ZINASU has stepped up efforts to locate the missing student leader, Cosmas Gwature. A taskforce has been set in Bulawayo with the assistance from the lawyers and various civil society organisations in the city. However the police are refusing to cooperate arguing that they need 7 days to start searching for a missing adult.

    The police are professing ignorance despite overwhelming evidence that he was last seen in a vehicle belonging to the police from the Law and Order section at Bulawayo Central Police station.

    Visit the ZINASU fact sheet

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