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  • Strikes and Protests 2007/8 - Students

  • We demand the release of Promise Mkwananzi today or never
    Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU)
    February 16, 2007

    The Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU) hereby, unequivocally demand the unconditional release of Promise Mkwananzi, Lawrence Mashungu and Maureen Kademaunga who were arrested at Harare Polytechnic on Tuesday 13th February 2007. ZINASU calls on the government of Zimbabwe to halt its intrusion, intervention and involvement in the activities of ZINASU.

    We have noted that the incumbent government has planted its stoogies and surrogates in institutions of higher learning who are doing a good job of informing the regime of the Save Our Education-Save Our Future Campaign. We have also noted the perpetual and deliberate exploitation of the diabolic POSA to arrest students and detain them for long periods without trial. We have also noted the selective victimisation of students perceived to be sympathetic to the opposition and it is now getting out of hand.We notice also with concern the contiunued use of state financial and human resources to further the inte rest of ZANU (PF),whose illegitimacy is not questionable. We want to inform the police that we will never notify them of our intentions to hold meetings at institutions of higher learning, for our gatherings are legal even under the draconian act( POSA).

    We are shocked by the level of bankruptcy of ideas currently being displayed by the Aneas Chigwedere and Isaak Stanislaus Gorerazvo Mudenge.The ailing ministers have literaly let the sector collapse and do not have any solution in sight.As we speak the few remaining qualified lecturers and teachers are on strike and universities have postponed opening for the third time due to the strike. Surely we will not sit idly and watch as the situation degenarates.

    We urge all progressive forces to remain vigillant and come up with a well concieved,comprehensive and all inclusive package for Mugabe's regime.This patchwork of disjointed ,pluralistic and liberal efforts will not by any whisker of imagination shake the tiniest of the regime's pillars.Its high time we shelve our personal interests and small ideological difference and focus our efforts on fighting the common enemy.

    In defense of academic freedoms

    Beloved Chiweshe
    ZINASU Secretary General

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