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University of Zimbabwe students speak out on arrest of ZINASU members
Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU)
February 15, 2007

The Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU) president, Promise Mkwananzi was arbitrarily arrested by state agents at Harare Polytechnic during a students general meeting on the 13th of February 2007. He was arrested alongside Maureen Kademaunga, the University of Zimbabwe Secretary General and other members of ZINASU.

The Zimbabwean government, through the police and army, has become paranoid as evidenced by the widespread arrests, detention and torture of innocent citizens. The government has failed to arrest well kwown corrupt public officials but has seen it fit to expose innocent students to the criminal envrinment of police cells.

The students were on a legitimate meeting to map a way forward for the crippled higher education sector and it boggles the mind why they were arrested. Students have a right to assembly and discuss matters that affect the education system in Zimbabwe.

The meeting also comes against a backdrop of astronomical fees being charged in all tertiary institutions in Zimbabwe and the reappointment of the underperforming Dr Stan Gorerazvo Mudenge as Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education in the recent cabinet re-shuffle .

There is absolutely nothing sinister about students airing their demands. Infact our demands are just and legitimate. The arrests bare testimony that the government is now anti-people and anti-students therefore the people and the students will react by being anti-government. Justice is equal to justice.

We demand that the student leaders be freed immediately, as their continued detention is a clear case of wanton human rights abuse. Justice delayed is justice denied.

For and on behalf of students at the University of Zimbabwe.

Tineyi Mukwewa
University of Zimbabwe SRC President, ZINASU General Council Member

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