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ZINASU statement on Madhuku attack
Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU)
January 04, 2007

Zimbabwe National Students Union condemns the savage attack on Dr Madhuku and his innocent family. This is yet another example of the on-going spate of violence which is being perpetrated by the obvious political cowards in our midst who have become so dangerously desperate that they now direct their orgy of violence against Dr Madhuku`s innocent wife and children.

We strongly believe that this is a deliberate ploy to cow all progressive forces into fear ahead of the pending mass protests thereby thwart their noble efforts to push for elections to come at the time they are supposed to come as enunciated in the constitution, howsoever defective.

We challenge all democratic and progressive forces to remain united and resolute on critical issues of policy like the holding of regular, free and credible elections under a democratic electoral framework, independent electoral bodies, international supervision which can only come by way of a people driven and democratic constitution.

Dr Madhuku has been articulate and consistent in his advancement of the above principles and ideals and hence the systematic targeting of not only himself but also his innocent family.

We challenge the State to uphold the rule of law by guaranteeing Dr Madhuku and his innocent Family adequate protection in the thick of such barbaric acts. We will hold the State responsible for any eventuality that will befall the Madhuku Family.

Promise Mkwananzi
ZINASU President

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