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Student leader abducted and assaulted, others barred from exams
Lance Guma, SW Radio Africa
December 11, 2006

The Students Representative Council President at the Bulawayo Polytechnic, Blessing Vava, says he was abducted by state security agents in Bulawayo on Saturday. Writing in an e-mail sent out to various news agencies, Vava said four men bundled him into a Jeep vehicle and drove along the Gwanda road. The men allegedly interrogated him inside the vehicle while accusing him of being on the payroll of opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

Vava alleges they warned him he risked dying like former student leader and MDC spokesman Learnmore Jongwe, whose death in prison sparked intense speculation. ‘They took turns assaulting me indiscriminately telling me that I should resign as a student leader and accusing me of being used by Tony Blair,’ Vava wrote. He says what sparked the whole episode was a beer drink at Killarney bar where in the company of Clever Bere, another student leader, he remarked that Mugabe had killed the country. Bere is said to have joined in saying, ‘as students we will make the country ungovernable if Mugabe dares to hang on to power.’

This apparently is what led to the four men trailing Vava soon after he left the bar. Meanwhile Promise Mkwananzi the President of the Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU) says he was thrown out of an examination room at the University of Zimbabwe by authorities there.

The removals also affected several other student leaders like Tinei Mukweva and Zwelithini Viki. In Masvingo ZINASU Vice President Gideon Chitanga and his colleagues were also thrown out of examination rooms. University authorities say they no longer recognise them as students following suspension and expulsion letters issued a few months ago. This is despite court orders overturning these.

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