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Learning for change courses
March 2004

Fahamu, in association with the University of Oxford, has pioneered and field-tested a unique and innovative approach to capacity building of civil society organisation using CDROMs, workshops and the Internet in a programme known as Adilisha (Kiswahili for teaching or promoting justice). The Adilisha Project has now come to an end and we are now seeking to make these courses widely available internationally.

What courses are available?

  • Introduction to human rights
  • Investigating, monitoring and reporting on human rights violations
  • Action for change: advocacy and citizen participation (in preparation)
  • Leadership and management for change
  • Finance for the non-financial manager
  • Fundraising and resource mobilisation
  • Using the internet for research and advocacy
  • JustWrite: an online course on effective writing

Why were these courses developed?
These courses were developed as a result of extensive consultations and field surveys of the training needs of human rights and other advocacy organisations conducted by Fahamu and the University of Oxford in Southern and Eastern Africa.

A unique and innovative approach to distance learning.

We provide all course materials on interactive CDROMs specially designed for users in human rights and civil society organisations. The CDROMs have been carefully designed and field-tested to ensure ease of use and effective learning.

There is no requirement to be connected to the Internet except for sending and receiving emails.

Students can study while remaining at work. They study one hour a day using the CDROMs and are guided through their work by a course tutor via email. They participate in online discussions with other students and their tutors using a private email-based discussion list.

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