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  • Three Year Macro-Economic Policy & Budget Framework (STERP II)
    Ministry of Finance
    December 23, 2009

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    Since the formation of the Inclusive Government in February 2009 and the launch of the Short Term Emergency Recovery Programme (STERP) as its economic blue print in March 2009, a number of achievements have been made in the economic domain, particularly, in achieving some macro-economic stability.

    However, notwithstanding these developments, our economy, for the past decade has withstood a number of socio-politico-economic challenges that have not been fully resolved under STERP. These challenges are, however, not insurmountable. Hence, the need for great resolve and commitment on the part of Government and the country at large to unite in the face of these challenges.

    It is through this commitment to reform that the Inclusive Government has managed to stabilise the macro-economic environment. However, the challenge in going forward is to anchor sustained growth and development on the macro-economic stability that has been achieved to date. This will be done through increased production in the agriculture, mining, manufacturing and other key sectors of the economy.

    In this regard, Government has formulated a successor policy to STERP, the Three Year Macro-Economic Policy and Budget Framework, which will build on the macro-economic stability attained under STERP, to achieve a robust economy necessary for the socioeconomic transformation of our people over the next three years to 2012.

    For this Policy Framework to succeed, it is of paramount importance that the Unity of the Inclusive Government is preserved and sustained, in the interest of our people, whom we serve. For it is only through Unity of purpose that we can defend the gains of our Independence, and chart our destiny as an Independent and Sovereign State.

    I commend this document to the people of Zimbabwe.

    His Excellency, R.G. Mugabe
    President of the Republic of Zimbabwe

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