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2009 budget statement
Ministry of Finance
January 29, 2009

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1. Mr Speaker Sir, I move that leave be granted to bring in a Bill to make Provisions in connection with Revenues and Expenditures of the Republic of Zimbabwe for the Financial Year January to December 2009 and to make Provisions for matters ancillary and incidental to this purpose.

Introduction and Background

2. Mr Speaker Sir, the presentation of this Budget is consistent with Chapter XI, Section 103(1) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe, which requires that "the Minister for the time being responsible for Finance shall cause to be prepared and laid before Parliament, on a day on which Parliament sits, before or not later than 30 days after the start of each financial year Estimates of the Revenue and Expenditure of Zimbabwe for that financial year."

3. Mr Speaker Sir, while tradition in the previous years has seen the National Budget delivered towards the end of November and early December of each year, delays in completing political processes to allow for the formation of an Inclusive Government have not made this possible.

4. Mr Speaker Sir, the year 2008 posed a number of challenges on our country, resulting in the year being one of the most difficult for our economy.

5. The sharp increase in inflation against a background of acute shortages of goods and services, poor harvests and the attendant severe food shortages and the deteriorating delivery of public services such as water, electricity, sanitation and health imposed phenomenal hardships on the population.

6. We are, therefore, grateful for the goodwill shown by our regional and other international cooperating partners who have not only endeavoured to bring us together politically but also offered our country immense assistance in various forms such as food relief, agricultural inputs, drugs, water treatment chemicals and power, just to mention but a few.

7. The Inter-Party Political Agreement of 15 September 2008 among the three political parties represented in this August House, offers an opportunity for cohesion and unity of purpose among ourselves for effective implementation of holistic policies and measures necessary for us to take advantage of the country's abundant resources for sustainable rapid economic turnaround.

8. Unity of purpose allows and provides us immense opportunities to positively deal with the negative impact of sanctions and other external threats such as the current global financial crisis, through re-engaging the international community for the necessary financial cooperation over economic reconstruction and recovery, in particular, balance of payment support.

9. Therefore, in order to decisively achieve economic turnaround, which regrettably would in the short and medium term be painful, cohesion and unity of purpose not only among political parties, but also among institutions of Government, Business, Labour, Co-operating Partners and other stakeholders will be necessary.

10. Hence the success of the 2009 Budget, which seeks to respond to the various challenges facing our economy will much depend on us all working together for the common good of the country.

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