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Breakfree Newsletter - SADC Summit Special Issue - July-August 2007
Zimbabwe Coalition on Debt and Development (ZIMCODD)
August 31, 2007

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Editor's Note

In all societies, home remains one of the most influential institutions in shaping people's perceptions, aspirations and future. Home is a place usually associated with love, care and reconstruction. No wonder why 'home-based care' is prescribed as the preferred option in most cases of terminal illnesses.

The Zambians were saying, "SADC is coming back Home" quoting one of the jingles which appeared on Zambian Television in anticipation of the 27th SADC Heads of State Summit held in Lusaka Zambia on August 17. Indeed, Lusaka was the cradle of regional solidarity in as far as the SADC region is concerned. Lusaka harboured the Liberation Movements that came together to form the Frontline States in the late 70s, and later regional solidarity formations giving birth to the Southern Africa Development Coordination Conference (now the Southern Africa Development Community) in 1980.

However, 27 years after SADC was born, the region has experienced depletion in its economy, governance, and regional integration. Coincidentally, the Zambian President Levy Mwanawasa identified one of SADC's major failures early this year when he said that Zimbabwe was like a 'sinking titanic'. In this Issue we will flag out some critical points on Zimbabwe's hyperinflation discussed at the ZIMCODD National Conference on the Zimbabwe's Economic crisis held in Harare on August 1-2. We dedicate the rest of the space to the deliberations of the SADC Peoples' Summit which reveal the appalling state of SADC leadership as Lusaka abrogates its motherhood duties.

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