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  • ZANU PF celebrates 'victory' as queues continue to mount in the city center
    Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition
    July 06, 2007

    Scores of ZANU PF supporters including war veterans and the youth militia were this morning gathered at the party headquarters in Harare waiting to be addressed by their leadership on what they called 'successful' price slashes. The Catalyst team tracked a group of war veterans marching in a celebratory manner from 4th street along Jason Moyo Avenue to the party headquarters at Rotten Row. The group was chanting ZANU PF slogans and commending price controls imposed by the government. Unlike most cases where the police disrupt and heavily assault opposition voices for demonstrating, they were seen escorting the war veterans, ZANU PF supporters and the Border Gezi Youth Militia to their destination.

    The celebrations come against the backdrop of mounting queues and food shortages around the country. Since the government imposed price controls, it has become difficult to access basic commodities mainly bread, mealie meal, cooking oil, sugar and beef.

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