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Challenges in designing an appropriate aid regime for Zimbabwe
Diana Cammack, Poverty and Public Policy Group, ODI

June 04, 2007

Presented at Roundtable discussion: Re-thinking aid policy in response to Zimbabwe's protracted crisis

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What questions should we be asking?

1. How will political control change in the next few years in Zimbabwe?
2. Is giving aid to Zimbabwe counterproductive?

Predicting Zimbabwe's politics

1. Militarisation of power
2. Opposition party weakness
3. ZANU splits
4. Mugabe's departure
5. Outside actors
6. After Mugabe?

Aid to Zimbabwe: The Devil's Advocate's Case

1. Humanitarian vs. governance goals
2. The regime benefits from aid
3. Aid entrenches the regime
4. Little popular demand for reform due to repression
5. Food as a political weapon
6. Agencies: be aware and plan carefully

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