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Will the budget create peace?
Zimbabwe Civic Education Trust (ZIMCET)
November 14, 2003

The Zimbabwe Civic Education Trust (ZIMCET) is urging the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning to ensure that the awaited national budget is relevant to Zimbabwe's socio economic problems.

Unbelievable as it might sound but not too long ago $480 000 was enough to buy houses I the low-density suburbs and a fleet of vehicles to match the life style. Now this amount is what an average family requires monthly to get a modest basket of essentials. How many ordinary Zimbabweans can afford this?

As an advocate peace, ZIMCET is worried that the prevailing socio economic environment is not conducive to the enhancement of peace. Most families have overnight forgotten the taste of bread, let alone meat as their prices put them out of the reach of many.

More importantly, ZIMCET is deeply concerned at the drawn out impasse of the junior and middle level doctors and the government over their salaries. The majority of the people can only depend on government hospitals and without doctors it mean peace is eluding many. It is therefore essential for government to address the doctors and other health professionals' concerns in the new budget.

Transport has become a living hell for many. People leave home when it is still dark and get back home closer to midnight. Some of the means of transportation are a death trap; people pile into trucks and keep their fingers crossed in case they hit a pothole because the slightest disturbance would be fatal. Some of the images we see on the streets are images we never thought could be seen in Zimbabwe but maybe Punjab or Lahore.

ZIMCET is aware that a national budget on its own without the political will and the concerted commitment of its people will not solve these mounting problems that sound like a fairy tale.

David Chimhini
Executive Director

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