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Communities disenfranchised
Community Tolerance Reconciliation and Development (COTRAD)

December 12, 2013

In an opinion survey conducted by the COTRAD on 11th of December 2013 covering Masvingo District young people from Masvingo Province have expressed great concern over the conduct of the Ministry of Finance through its delay to announce the 2014 fiscal budget.

Young people are not only concerned over the delays but have also expressed great concern in the manner in which the budget has been crafted. Respondents noted that Government of National Unity at least managed to bring confidence as consultations were conducted in each province prior to the announcement of each years fiscal budget through out the tenure of the GNU.

With a substantive government in place as a result of the July 31st poll, reversal of gains has taken precedence and a top down approach has been assumed by GoZ.

Communities across the country have been disenfranchised as a result of their failure to input into the national budget thereby reflecting the lack of socio-economic and political will of the elected leaders in transforming and properly representing the constituencies they serve.

Mean while Masvingo as a province has peculiar challenges, its a drought stricken province and in dire need of food with only two weeks supply of water left, water rationing has already started, there was every need for the Ministry of Finance to consult the affected communities and proffer tangible solutions which could address the identified problems which are lack of food security and water crisis.

Siphoning of water from Mutirikwi Lake to sugar cane plantations in Chiredzi is underway irregardless of the challenges the province is facing in terms of water supplies.

Masvingo province faces sever water shortage as water rationing has already commenced. The platform to cut supplies of water to Chiredzi can not be provided for as most politicians have benefited from the indiginisation program through acquiring pieces of land in Chiredzi

Residents are getting supplies of water three times per week a situation which could have been addressed if the government through the ministry of finance had afforded citizens a platform to interact and debate on possible solutions and how the situation could be addressed.

The rationing of water has been precipitated by the low levels of water left in the dam, 1 January 2013 the Mutirikwi dam was around 17% full in terms of capacity, 1 November 2013 the capacity has gone down to 8% hence the reality Masvingo is left with 2 weeks supply of water as the lake cannot go beyond 4%.

COTRAD will therefore be creating a platform for citizens of Masvingo to engage with the relevant stakeholders in pursuit of immediate solutions on the water crisis.

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