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Zimbabwe ranks 47th out of 52 in 2013 Ibrahim Index of African Governance
Mo Ibrahim Foundation
October 14, 2013

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The 2013 Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG), released today, shows that Zimbabwe ranks 47th out of 52 African countries.

Zimbabwe is one of six countries to have remained consistently in the IIAG’s bottom ten since 2000 - along with Equatorial Guinea, Chad, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo and Somalia.

The 2013 IIAG provides full details of Zimbabwe’s performance across four categories of governance: Safety & Rule of Law, Participation & Human Rights, Sustainable Economic Opportunity and Human Development

Since 2000, Zimbabwe has shown its biggest improvement in the category of Human Development Human Development measures welfare, education and health

Despite improvements since 2000, Zimbabwe’s governance score remains below the continental average for Africa as well as the regional average for Southern Africa

The 2013 IIAG shows that 94% of Africans – including those in Zimbabwe – live in a country that has experienced overall governance improvement since 2000.

The 6% of people living in a country that has experienced governance deterioration since 2000 are based in Madagascar, Eritrea, Guinea Bissau, Somalia, Libya and Mali.

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