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Bulawayo Agenda activity update
Bulawayo Agenda

October 07, 2013

State of the Community Forum-Plumtree

Over Seventy citizens from Plumtree thronged Tjinyunyi Babili Community Hall to attend a State of the Community Forum organized by Plumtree Agenda, a chapter of Bulawayo Agenda on the 2nd of October, 2013. The discussants for the meeting were Councilor Connelius Nyathi (Ward 1 MDC-T), Similo Ndlovu (Ward 3 MDC-T) and the losing and former Member of Parliament for Bulilima East Constitutency, Norman Mpofu.

Service delivery

Residents bemoaned the local authority’s failure to ensure timely refuse collection around the town. The council has one tractor that is used for this purpose and Councilor Nyathi indicated that it had a breakdown and had to be taken to Bulawayo for service. As a result the council could not collect refuse in the past three weeks. Accounting for the failure, Nyathi, stated that the tractor was back and business will resume as usual.

Debt cancellation

Plumtree residents hailed the cancellation of debts by local authorities arguing that they had become a burden that was inherited from the Zimbabwean dollar period. They also argued that most people are unemployed and some are ageing and as a result they could not afford to pay the unjustified rates which were being charged by the council authorities.

However, Mpofu warned that residents should not celebrate because this directive is going to negatively impact on service delivery. Instead, he suggested that the government should have considered cancelling debts for the elderly only because these are the people who cannot genuinely afford to pay the bills.

Empowerment and job creation

Women present in the meeting called for the local council to empower small scale entrepreneurs in the town by issuing out more business stands and partnering with donors for financial support. They also indicated that they had been promised a special fund for women empowerment in the district during election campaign. Cnclr Ndovu warned that they should guard against people who come and promise them big projects in exchange for votes then disappear.

Constituency Development

The councilors outlined their developmental plans against which residents must judge them at the end of their terms. Clr Nyathi pledged to tackle the town’s water crisis, improve road networks and facilitate empowerment of small scale business people in his ward. Clr Ndlovu prioritized the electrification of Hlalani Kuhle houses and George Silundika suburb, refurbishment of the town’s sewer system and ensuring quality service delivery.

An invitation was extended to Zanu-PF House of Assembly representative for Bulilima East, Mathius Siqhoza Ndlovu and the party’s councilor for Ward 2 Maxwell Washaya but the two excused themselves.

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