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    Solidarity Peace Trust
    October 01, 2013

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    The Global Political Agreement (GPA), which set out to prepare the political process for a generally acceptable election after the debacle of June 2008, was marked by severe contestations all too characteristic of the battle for the state that constituted the politics of the agreement. At almost every stage of the agreement intense conflicts over the interpretation of the accord left their debris on the political terrain, at the heart of which was the meaning of ‘sovereignty.’ Around this notion, Zanu-PF in particular wove dense layers of political discourse, combined with the coercive use of the state that it continued to control. The major aim of this strategy on the part of Zanu-PF, was to manipulate and stall the reform provisions in the GPA, regroup, and reconfigure its political resources after plunging to the nadir of its legitimacy in the 2008 electoral defeat.

    In 2009, Solidarity Peace Trust (SPT) published a monograph2 that provided a comprehensive overview of the GPA, setting out its central dynamics and the key structures and processes involved in the politics of this period. The aim of this report is not to repeat the analysis provided in that book, but to provide succinct coverage of the election that brought that agreement to a close. Moreover the report will also provide some pointers to the future of Zimbabwean politics.

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