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  • Statement on 31 July 2013 harmonised elections
    National Constitutional Assembly (NCA)
    August 05, 2013

    1. The National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) notes with satisfaction the peaceful atmosphere that characterised the period before, during and after the elections. All Zimbabweans have a responsibility to nurture this peaceful environment and desist from any actions which may directly or indirectly interfere with the peace prevailing in the country.

    2. The election results have been announced. There are winners and losers. Every election has its winners and losers. Given the peaceful nature of these elections and the compelling need to move our country forward, the NCA urges the losers to concede defeat and take the country out of the “permanent election mode” it has been for several years now.

    3. In urging the losers to concede defeat and let the country move on, the NCA is not losing sight of the continuing desire by the people of Zimbabwe to have democratic and genuinely free and fair elections. The history and record of the NCA speaks for itself. One of the key reasons why the NCA campaigned for a NO vote in the March 2013 referendum was the clear point that the proposed Constitution provided an insufficient framework for fair, transparent and credible elections. It is well known that the political parties in the inclusive government united in their campaign for a YES vote and hoodwinked the public.

    4. It is the NCA's firm view that the complaints raised against the 31 July 2013 poll by the losers do not raise anything new and cannot be used as a basis for rejecting the results of an election in which they participated voluntarily. It is not desirable to encourage a state of affairs in our country where political parties participate in an election with only two scenarios: either they win or they dispute the result. Losing must always be one of the scenarios. In the circumstances of this particular election, the complaints must be taken into account for the next elections and for the reform agenda which remains very much incomplete.

    5. The NCA, on its part, is convinced that the votes cast on 31 July 2013 were the votes counted and announced. The NCA does not know the reasons for that pattern of voting. The essence of an electoral system based on a secret, one-person-one-vote is that each of the voters can only be sure about the vote he/she has cast. Provided that the votes have been cast freely, the result is binding. The way forward is to focus on moving the country forward while preparing for the next elections.

    6. The interests of this country require that we all move forward focussing on building the economy of country, deepening its democratic systems, promoting peace and unity and encouraging all of us to participate in the public affairs of our country. We should put the election behind us and take lessons for the future.

    7. The NCA wishes to commend ZEC for discharging its responsibilities diligently despite the severe constraints it faced.

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