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    Heal Zimbabwe Trust
    July 30, 2013


    Ward 4
    On the 29th of July 2013, Headman Michael Mandebvu called for a meeting where he was intimidating people. At the meeting, he informed people that on the 31st of July they must all meet at his homestead then go to vote in the company of their respective village heads. He said this would be done to ensure that nobody votes for MDC-T.


    Ward 31
    On the 28th of July in Kabuyani village, a group of 8 Zanu-PF supporters identified as Lovemore Muzondiwa, Maturure, Zviwanza, Concern, Bisham Nyobo, Manjengwa, Stanley Yakani and Chief Samuchembo, went around the village confiscating MDC-T regalia. They were also telling MDC-T activists that they would be beaten after the election run off.

    Gokwe Central

    Ward 1
    On the 29th of July 2013, Davies Taruwinga a Zanu-PF aspiring councillor was carrying out an intimidation and vote buying campaign. He was distributing cups and plates to villagers then he would take down ID numbers of all family members who registered to vote upon distributing the goods. Taruvinga is telling villagers that the ID numbers will be used on the 31st of July to trace the presidential candidate they would have voted for. He went on to threaten Mr Chikahamadze and his wife Rodzai Chikahamadze with unspecified action because they refused to take the cups.

    Mt Darwin

    Ward 31
    On the 29th of July 2013, a group of 6 Zanu-PF supporters identified as Osten Nyajichi, Isaac Kabonga, Muparamoto, Chakanyuka, Kaibos Dzabaya and Olivia Chimutsangwi (aspiring Zanu-PF councillor) held a meeting where they declared that all MDC supporters will be killed soon after the elections if Zanu-PF loses. They promised to start with Taurai Nyoni who is the MDC-T aspiring candidate for the ward.

    Ward 31
    Today in Kambanje village, Chief Chiswiti held a meeting where he told villagers that he is going to assault Taurai Nyoni this evening. Nyoni is an aspiring MDC-T councillor.

    Nyanga South

    Ward 18
    On the 29th of July 2013 at 19:00 hours, Super Mandiwanzira an aspiring Zanu-PF Member of Parliament candidate for Nyanga South transported 100 bags of maize to Mapako business centre which is situated next to Mapako Secondary school polling station. Following this, Chief Fungai Mushonga called for a meeting at the business centre today at 9am. At the meeting he showed people the maize and told them that if they do not vote for Zanu-PF the maize will be taken back to Harare.

    Muzarabani North

    Ward 2
    On the 29th of July 2013, Zanu-PF aspiring councillor Oliver Ururu, Amos Musonza and Daniel Gombera moved around the ward telling people that they should vote for Zanu-PF if they want peace to prevail after elections.

    Muzarabani North

    Ward 24
    On the 29th of July 2013, an MDC-T activist identified as Matuzura Njodzi was intimidated by a Zanu-PF activist identified as Mukaro. When he reported the matter to Muzarabani police station, they refused to give him the docket’s CRB number. The police officer who was on duty at the time of reporting identified himself as Constable Nyamakava.

    Muzarabani South

    Ward 22
    On the 29th of July 2013, Sarudzai Mutyavaviri an aspiring Zanu-PF ward councillor forced people to attend a political meeting. At the meeting she intimidated villagers and promised a repeat of the 2008 violence in the event that Zanu-PF loses the elections. Sarudzai is a well-known perpetrator of the 2008 political violence.

    Muzarabani South

    Ward 22
    On 27th of July 2013, Thomas Madzuramende assaulted Godfrey Chisango because he was wearing an MDC-T t-shirt. The case was reported to Muzarabani police station and action is yet to be taken.

    Bikita West

    Ward 32
    Today a Headmen identified as Xander Makotore held a meeting where he told all villagers that they must be assisted to vote by their village heads if they want a peaceful environment after elections.

    Bikita East

    Ward 17
    Today, Calisto Machaiyana and village headman Elias Mufambi held a voting preparatory meeting in Gorekwaro village. At the meeting all people perceived to be MDC-T activists were assigned Zanu-PF activists who will assist them to vote tomorrow. A total of 80 people have been assigned voting assistants despite the fact that they are not physically challenged.

    Bikita West

    Ward 11
    On the 29th of July 2013, Tarisai Mugariwa and Lydia Tavengwa were going around the ward telling people that if Zanu-PF loses the election they will be beaten up on the 1st of August.

    Ward 32
    On the 29th of July 2013, war veteran Jabulani Sibanda held a ward meeting where he threatened villagers with death if Zanu-PF loses the elections.

    Gutu West

    Ward 31
    On the 29th of July 2013, Hezekiah Mahachi was assaulted by assailants identified as Givemore and Dennis Chafa. The matter has not yet been reported to the police.

    Beitbridge West

    Ward 11
    A Zanu-PF activist identified as Bonani Ndou is going around the ward removing MDC-T posters. He is also telling people to ignore MDC-T activists when they are carrying out their door-to-door campaigns.

    Zaka West

    Ward 24
    Today at 09:00 hours, village headsmen identified as Nheya and Chavani went around the ward intimidating and threatening villagers. They were telling people that all those who support MDC-T must ask Zanu-PF supporters to vote on their behalf or they risk losing their lives after the election.

    Zaka North

    Ward 11
    On the 29th of July 2013 at 12:00 noon, Zanu-PF candidate for Zaka North Robson Mavhenengwa held a meeting with 21 village heads where he informed them that MDC-T supporters will be severely dealt with if Zanu-PF loses the elections.

    Shamva South

    Ward 19
    On the 27th of July 2013, a group of MDC-T activists including the party’s candidate for Shamva South, Pwanyiwa were assaulted by a group of Zanu-PF youths. The Zanu-PF youths started assaulting them with sticks and stones after they saw them attending to their vehicle which had broken down near Shamva Mine. The case was reported to Shamva police station but a police officer identified as Constable Sveto told them that the police do not intervene in political matters.

    Ward 29
    On the 28th of July 2013, at Shamva Gold mine, a group of Zanu-PF activists disrupted an MDC-T rally which was supposed to be addressed by Tendai Biti (MDC-T Secretary General). The Zanu-PF activists also went on to assault MDC-T activists with stones resulting in 5 MDC-T activists being injured. The incident took place at 13:00 hours in the full view of officers from Shamva Police station who did not take any action during the incident.

    Chegutu East

    Ward 2
    Today, a village headman identified as Godzani has instructed all his people to assemble at his homestead tomorrow morning so that they can each be assigned a person to assist them to vote.

    Hurungwe North

    Ward 22
    Today, a war veteran and soldier identified as Jaweti and Mr Madamombe were going around the ward harassing and intimidating people. They also held meetings in Kazangarare, Nyaumbare and Kamutsamombe villages where they told people that all MDC-T activists must declare that they are illiterate so that they will be assisted to vote. They then went on to say that an election run-off is imminent since the 2013 elections will be carried out in the same manner as the 2008 elections.

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